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In theory, the ordinary naked eye three-color vision, to generate blue, green and red wavelengths are three cones. However, the inadequacy of the naked eye is the presence of metamerism color, that colors look the same in spite of, but is actually made up of different spectral composition. In order to break through the “inherent redundancy” of the human eye, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a device that uses two different transmittance lenses for left and right eyes, effectively triggering a four-color vision by separating short-wave cone response , that is, there are four different types of cells in the eye cone. After wearing glasses, the wearer can distinguish the difference between the metamerism of color, allowing the wearer to see the new color after the naked eye can not see. ray ban sunglasses dillards,Physicist Mikhail Kats told New Scientist: “The naked eye looks exactly the same color, and when you wear your glasses you will find that the two are completely different colors. In nature, there is a more complex visual system like goldfish Of the creature, born with the ability to deal with the extra wavelength in the wear of this glasses, but also gives the human can be comparable to the visual ability of these creatures. This design does not have a significant negative impact on the human body, to help people distinguish between the various blue Color, violet and purple, and we think that additional spectral information can be understood as creating a new set of “primitives” that can be used without the help of a filter to identify the color. This scientific discovery theory Can be divided into a cone or cone combination, in the future to form a maximum of six cone-like vision system.The system allows people based on the launch, reflection, projection spectrum to find the difference between objects, so far not yet found to have any adverse effect on the human body. Finally, the research team said the discovery could very Enhance the ability of human vision, so that human beings have a more accurate way to camouflage detection, and in the arts and data visualization aspects derived more powerful means of security.

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If you’re a fan of not only appearing cool but actually being cool, then perhaps you’ve heard of Ray Ban Aviator Shades? Most brand name sunglasses do not offer you the best of both worlds when it comes to wearing them. Style and protection at the same time. While Ray Ban aviator sunglasses as a whole are extremely in style, there are certain designs within the range that are more sought after than others. Closest to the original aviator Ever heard of the RB2140 Ray Bans? They are among the most preferred by ray ban lovers. They include a distinct teardrop frame design, much like the original aviator created decades ago. This kind offers 20 colors. They give anyone a contemporary and classy look, and are just the thing for those who want an aviator pair that is as close to the real McCoy as possible. Do You Like Comfort? The RB4068 comes in at a close 2nd, with its fascination lying in its shape. Dont you hate it when you have to consistently adjust your sun shades? Who doesnt? This design or Ray Bans provides a answer to this and more. With the 4068 the customer can look forward to getting the fit they were looking for. Most brand shades fail at this attempt but Ray Ban has got it down pat it. Finally, sun-glasses that actually fit and look distinguished at the same time. Hip hip horaay!! Additional to this the lenses come with 100% UV shield to offer your eyes the best protection from the sun. Do you like color choices? Then you will also get the great color selection from this type as well. For the man who knows what he wants There are not very many more things as irritating then finding a good looking pair of sunglasses that do not fit as it should be on your face. This design is made for men with its to some extent larger design and constructed for a man. This kind of style is admired because it uses the unique style for the 70s and 80s decades. Trust me its worth every penny. . It has the distinct aviator metal frame with crystal lenses, which hare prescription ready. You can choose from a variety of interesting lens colors including gold, blue, crystal green, and silver. If you are shopping for a well manufactured pair of sun-glasses then this article should have convinced you to buy these bad boys. Did it? Moreover, if you can find the money for it, there really is no other choice! Benjamin writes about various fashion Online such as shoes, dresses, and watches.Check out his latest website on Ray Ban Aviators, and learn why so many people love Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses.