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ray ban sunglasses dillards

In theory, the ordinary naked eye three-color vision, to generate blue, green and red wavelengths are three cones. However, the inadequacy of the naked eye is the presence of metamerism color, that colors look the same in spite of, but is actually made up of different spectral composition. In order to break through the “inherent redundancy” of the human eye, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a device that uses two different transmittance lenses for left and right eyes, effectively triggering a four-color vision by separating short-wave cone response , that is, there are four different types of cells in the eye cone. After wearing glasses, the wearer can distinguish the difference between the metamerism of color, allowing the wearer to see the new color after the naked eye can not see. ray ban sunglasses dillards,Physicist Mikhail Kats told New Scientist: “The naked eye looks exactly the same color, and when you wear your glasses you will find that the two are completely different colors. In nature, there is a more complex visual system like goldfish Of the creature, born with the ability to deal with the extra wavelength in the wear of this glasses, but also gives the human can be comparable to the visual ability of these creatures. This design does not have a significant negative impact on the human body, to help people distinguish between the various blue Color, violet and purple, and we think that additional spectral information can be understood as creating a new set of “primitives” that can be used without the help of a filter to identify the color. This scientific discovery theory Can be divided into a cone or cone combination, in the future to form a maximum of six cone-like vision system.The system allows people based on the launch, reflection, projection spectrum to find the difference between objects, so far not yet found to have any adverse effect on the human body. Finally, the research team said the discovery could very Enhance the ability of human vision, so that human beings have a more accurate way to camouflage detection, and in the arts and data visualization aspects derived more powerful means of security.

ray ban sunglasses deals

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