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When we look back at the history of the brand, we have found a trend that is that it always introduces the younger generation’s favorite product, not the established look, but the trend and fashion that young people bring. We reviewed the 2005 experience and found that the brand did not achieve idol status, so we set our own goal is to let the brand rebuild the legend. ray ban pink lenses,Ten years ago today, I saw this phrase at the first briefing: Never Hide never hidden, this is the core slogan of our branding. Over the past decade, the brand has grown from the initial obscurity to one of the “favorite brands” of luxury glasses retailers. At the same time, revenue tripled, the company also established a social media eco-system, access to more than one billion attention. Today I want to share the theme of “Let Light to Reproduce – My Brand Communication Recipes”. The title is inspired by the artist, Walter De Maria, in the New Mexico landscape art “The Lightning Field” (The Lightning Field). I believe that as long as there is a correct vision, the right tools, and know how to use a variety of resources around you, you can re-create the same natural phenomenon of lightning. I did not like Joe as the “three tips” to take home, I just want to talk about our experience from the past summed up the core experience. For me, the most important thing in a successful organization is the outstanding leader. Since Raymond Glass is an Italian company headquartered in Milan, my leaders are acting in Italian style rather than American style. They have been my leadership for ten years, and I think their empathy lies not only in highlighting individual abilities but also in other respects. First of all, they have a pious pursuit of the process. Give the recipe to any chef, as long as the request, he may be able to make decent dishes. But if you want to have a legendary first-class restaurant, you need to operate in the highly skilled professional managers. Similarly, in the marketing, the leaders are not only those skilled in the application of 4P and other framework of the marketing staff, but the formation of a different team of specialists, these experts (including me) to ensure that the brand positioning And value transfer is accurate. Second, the leaders gave us a clear vision. They know that these are ambitious, long-term goals, so not too tangled in the middle of our step by step, they give this freedom so that we can let go, do not worry about failure. So that we can correct the direction, without worrying about the current initiatives will affect the next three or five steps, leading to can not reach the desired goal.