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mens ray bans sunglasses uk

Finding Flaws on the GlassesLooking for Proper PackagingJudging the SellerCommunity Q it comes to a pair of shades, nothing beats the old school cool of Ray Bans. Whether you’re aiming for the classic Wayfarer look, the Dirty Harry sheen of a pair of aviators, or the refined elegance of a pair of Clubmasters, there is no settling for anything but the best. Don’t let yourself get robbed be a smart consumer. Know how to tell the difference between the real deal and cheap imitations so you can wear your Ray Bans with confidence.Look and feel for seams on the plastic. All genuine Ray Ban products are crafted from high quality materials using the finest manufacturing processes. Notably, the plastic body of Ray Ban sunglasses are cut from a single piece of acetate and are hand polished. Because of this, you shouldn’t be able to detect any nicks, rough spots,mens ray bans sunglasses uk, or especially seams on your glasses. These are after products from cheap manufacturing processes and are dead giveaways that a pair of “Ray Bans” aren’t what they are being billed as.[1]Seams can be anywhere on a fake pair of Ray Bans, but they’re especially likely to be on the places where the mold used to create the plastic closed namely, the upper edges of the glasses above the lenses and the tops of the “arms” that rest on your ears.Feel for an inappropriately light weight. Take your Ray Bans in your hands. Turn them over a few times. They shouldn’t feel unusually light, thin, or fragile. If your glasses seem like they may not be heavy enough to keep a few pieces of loose paper from blowing away, there’s a good chance they’re not real.
Real Ray Bans have metal support struts inside the “arms” that sit on your ears that are responsible for much of their weight. If you have a model with transparent arms (like, for instance, the Clubmaster Squares)[2], you should be able to see this metal. If you can’t, you’ll know you’ve been wearing fakes.
Check for non glass lenses. Take your glasses off and look at them from the front. give the lenses a few gentle flicks with your fingernail. If they have the look, feel, and “clinking” sound of genuine glass, this is a good sign many Ray Bans use real glass for their lenses. Non glass lenses don’t necessarily mean that your glasses are fake, however, unless they’re obviously cheap looking, cloudy, or poor quality.f your lenses don’t feel like glass, don’t panic some models of Ray Bans have non glass lenses but are still made from the highest quality materials.[3] To be clear, perfectly clear, glass lenses are a sign that your glasses are probably real, but non glass lenses don’t necessarily mean they aren’t.Look for low quality metal hinges. Open the glasses and look at them from the back. The hinges in the corners of the glasses should be of good quality metal construction. They should be cleanly bolted to the glasses, not glued on or held in place with cheap plastic as noted above, these are signs of cheap, rushed manufacturing processes.Many but not all Ray Bans have a distinctive metal hinge that contains seven interlocking metal “teeth”.[4] Seeing this is a good sign, but its absence shouldn’t be cause for concern, as other types of high quality metal hinges are sometimes used (for instance, for Ray Ban’s Aviators and Clubmasters).Look for low quality engravings in the corners of the glasses. Look at your glasses from the front. If you’re wearing most models of Wayfarers of Clubmasters, you should see small, silver, horizontal diamond or oval shaped marks in the corners of the eyes. These should be sharp, shiny, and well made. You shouldn’t be able to scratch any of the shiny material off and they shouldn’t seem like they can be easily removed. If the engravings don’t look very well made, there’s a good chance that the glasses aren’t, either.Look for a poor “RB” etching on one of the lenses. Most models of Ray Ban glasses will have a small, almost imperceptible “RB” etched in the trademark Ray Ban font on one of the lenses. This will be small and near the edge of the lens, but it may be easier to see if you shine a light at the glasses from an angle. If your glasses are fakes, you may not be able to see this at all or it may appear smudged or sloppily etched.