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a media reporter broke undercover candidates Beijing many ray ban optical shop, processing workshops and found that the wholesale price of a few dollars to tens of dollars of frames, lenses, worth over the counter in the shop turned dozens of times. In fact, the frame, the cost of the lens is not the only cost of a pair of glasses, media rendering of the “profiteering” is completely confused facts, point of view errors.
Glasses is a relatively special commodity, unlike some products, factory parts through a simple assembly can be put into use. And the cost of glasses is not the same as all costs, directly to the ex-factory price of glasses and the final retail price in the market used to do cost accounting contrast, and can not objectively explain the cost of optical goods store.
Open an optical fitting shop, the first to face the problem is the high rent of housing. However, as the Beijing Wangfujing, Nanjing Road, Shanghai, the nationally known commercial pedestrian street, are expensive rent, according to “First Financial (microblogging) Daily” reported that the Pan Jia Yuan glasses better location of the stall per square meter admission fee 7 million,ray ban sunglasses frames, the average is between 20,000 to 40,000 yuan, in addition to 15 square meters of storefront, pay a monthly rent and management fees of 6,000 yuan. Is in some second-tier cities, relatively good lot of shop rents have risen very high, such as in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, the current 100 square meters of pavement rent has been as high as 100 million.
In addition to paying high rental housing, the various shops in order to seize the market experience, are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a variety of fitting equipment, glasses industry has a certain technical, inspection shop staff are required to hold an optometrist qualification Card, post-mortem shop should also have glasses processing license and other related qualifications, so the annual inspection shop also spent part of the funds for staff training and qualification verification.
According to “Zhuzhou Evening News” reported that the glasses Chamber of Commerce Zhuzhou City, He Xikai, said in an interview, a combination of the price of more than 100000 yuan, a full automatic milling machine also more than ten million, plus Metering instrument, focal meter, IPD instrument and other auxiliary equipment, a relatively large-scale experience in the purchase of equipment stores cost ultimately more than 300,000 yuan. These costs together, and ultimately have to reflect the cost of optometry and consumer glasses to go with the cost of glasses.
Market discourse right is the “big profits” an important bargaining chip, in addition to from a variety of monopoly, but also can be derived from product production and service information asymmetry. Since modern markets are not perfectly competitive markets in theory, the main reason for this is incomplete information between buyers and sellers. Is also a presence of information asymmetry of the industry, resulting in glasses industry “profiteering” is that the root lies in information asymmetry between buyers and sellers. On the basis of raw material prices, there will be many sales-related aspects of the cost will continue to increase.
According to “fog through the profits of profits, optical industry, profit analysis,” introduced in the standard technical conditions, optometry time in half an hour to an hour between complex cases about two hours. Under normal circumstances, preliminary estimates, optometry costs about 50-100 yuan, processing costs about 25-30 yuan. Because optometry and glasses are highly complex technical work, and domestic optical shops generally free of charge optometry, free processing as to attract customers, its value is hidden up. The cost of optometry with glasses in the United States needs about 30-50 dollars in Hong Kong, about 700 Hong Kong dollars.
At present, ray ban glasses sales links used in the agency distribution system,ray ban sunglasses for cheap, which makes the glasses from the factory to the sale and then to the hands of consumers to experience the agent – the regional agent – glasses fitting store price exploitation, so that the price of glasses Always at a high level. It is understood that the general distributor of glasses will be paid in cash to the manufacturers to buy products, and its next level of regional agents and inspection shops to take credit to the way up a purchase, which is referred to in the industry Distribution Agency .
According to the “Market News” survey, the ex-factory price of 22 yuan glasses, the general agent will increase 140% after the Distribution Agency to the provincial agents to reach the provincial agents in the hands of the glasses has become 54 yuan. From the provincial agency to the optical retail stores have to increase this part of 100% distribution distribution to the optical retail stores. After this link, glasses retail stores to get the glasses price has risen to 108 yuan. In this process, because it is Distribution Agency, the return rate is too risky, consignment funds and return risk increased costs.
To find out whether there is a profiteering industry, you need to carry out the various aspects of the industrial chain value estimates. Those who have not been scientific calculations, the underlying data is simply untenable, only a few individual phenomena to make evaluation of the argument is false. As the nature of the optical industry itself, the cost of the lens is not the main cost of glasses, so simply to the lens cost point of view, the optical industry’s gross margin is very high.