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Access to high-quality ULTRAVEX foreign favor! In addition, the main product for export UV420 Blue-Blocker SF BLANK performance remained strong, with excellent lens features shine, the product not only can effectively filter out ultraviolet light, UVA and UVB, but also to resistance off 400nm-420nm high-energy visible light, so that consumers in the use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products while blocking harmful high-energy rays to provide a more comprehensive range of protection for the prevention of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, eye health play a crucial role. Lens function fully meet the visual needs of current consumers, attracting many foreign concerns, have expressed intention to cooperate. Apart from high-quality lens products, Zhenjiang million new frames favorably. Steel, sheet metal, TR-90 of different materials and styles typical frame full debut, design and range of material wear and fashion aesthetics, comfort, all establish a better brand image in customer reputation in . This exhibition, the million new optical group demonstrated the full range, superior quality optical products, greatly improved their visibility and reputation in the world in the industry.Meanwhile, countries with exhibitors and partners to negotiate the exchange, million new optics also learn more about the global market information, accurately grasp the development trend of the industry for the development of export trade to add a new impetus. Future, new optical million will go more stable in the international market.

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According to the organizing committee to statistics, since its founding in 2003, Wenzhou International Optical Fair has accumulated over 3000 service enterprises in Wenzhou times for local optical companies realize foreign trade volume more than ten billion yuan. At present, there are Beijing, Shanghai and Wenzhou Optical Fair three, while China Wenzhou International Optical Fair is the only one to export trade, and services for the industry chain Optical Fair. “As an externally oriented, professional exhibition glasses both domestic trade, Wenzhou International Optical Fair has a broad space for development, and local foreign trade glasses manufacturers also need a real ‘doorstep’ international business platform. “Wenzhou Dana exhibition Co., Ltd. responsible person said. Rely on the transformation and upgrading, machinery Substitution improve product quality, rich product range, more and more of a second-tier international brands will have orders to Wenzhou. President of the Chamber of Commerce glasses Wu Jianmin said, Wenzhou currently has more than 20 enterprises have become well-known international big foundries, and the brand has become increasingly high, “local glasses manufacturers also increase investment in cultivating its own brand, enhance corporate influence and competitiveness force, and actively developing overseas markets.” This year, Wenzhou International Optical Fair has been listed as the city’s first international exhibition focused on projects, participating enterprises will receive warm booth subsidies.

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After nearly 30 times our field test, and works closely with many of the world professional athletes, developed to adapt to a variety of sports scenes spectrum Ruizhi lenses. Spectrum Ruizhi lens SCIENCE targeted to adjust the contrast and color enhancement to highlight details, professional athletes and sports to help people enjoy the love of the sport. “The birth of the spectrum sharp-lens technology, is also another example of the innovative spirit of this brand Oakley, Oakley Ms. Ye Xinghua, general manager of Greater China, said:.” With the upsurge of surging global movement for professional sports equipment and science and technology of the demand is also increased dramatically. Oakley as a leading high-tech sports brand, has been uphold innovation and put every detail better idea. Spectrum Ruizhi lens of science and technology is the best interpretation of this concept. We believe this new technology will help countries in this year’s elite Olympic Games, and show better athletic performance. “Wenzhou International Optical Fair opening day reception professional traders breakthrough million people: yesterday, organized by the municipal government of Wenzhou Optical Industry Association and the provincial, city glasses Chamber of Commerce and Wenzhou Dana Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted the 14th China (Wenzhou) International Optics Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “Wenzhou international Optical Fair”) at the convention and Exhibition Center.