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According to the organizing committee to statistics, since its founding in 2003, Wenzhou International Optical Fair has accumulated over 3000 service enterprises in Wenzhou times for local optical companies realize foreign trade volume more than ten billion yuan. At present, there are Beijing, Shanghai and Wenzhou Optical Fair three, while China Wenzhou International Optical Fair is the only one to export trade, and services for the industry chain Optical Fair. “As an externally oriented, professional exhibition glasses both domestic trade, Wenzhou International Optical Fair has a broad space for development, and local foreign trade glasses manufacturers also need a real ‘doorstep’ international business platform. “Wenzhou Dana exhibition Co., Ltd. responsible person said. Rely on the transformation and upgrading, machinery Substitution improve product quality, rich product range, more and more of a second-tier international brands will have orders to Wenzhou. President of the Chamber of Commerce glasses Wu Jianmin said, Wenzhou currently has more than 20 enterprises have become well-known international big foundries, and the brand has become increasingly high, “local glasses manufacturers also increase investment in cultivating its own brand, enhance corporate influence and competitiveness force, and actively developing overseas markets.” This year, Wenzhou International Optical Fair has been listed as the city’s first international exhibition focused on projects, participating enterprises will receive warm booth subsidies.

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CHARMANT zone stationed American Metro City flagship store:June 3, Haixi Trading Company (hereinafter referred to as American glasses) of Shanghai Metro City flagship store grand opening.Chamon CHARMANT Group CEO to Mr. Gong, Asia Pacific COO Mr. Negishi, GM Mr. estuary, Asia Pacific, China General Manager Mr. Marsh, jointly participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony opening the American spectacle.Warm congratulations to the American Optical Metro City flagship store opened at the same time, CHARMANT Chamon zone stationed in Metro City flagship store opened for this added a splendid touch. In the opening scene, CHARMANT Chamon Group authorized American glasses Shanghai Metro City flagship store for high-quality special sales shops. Chamon CHARMANT Group CEO to Mr. Gong and American chairman of Miss Guoshu Rong glasses were published for the opening message, and the guests enjoyed a toast to celebrate the grand opening of the Metro City stores!Chamon CHARMANT Group heartfelt congratulations American glasses Shanghai Metro City store business is booming, and entered into a strategic partnership with American-style glasses, has a wealth of expertise with the staff and the performance and design of highly integrated commodity group to the market “luxury brand features “Enlightenment in the eyewear market to create new fields, common in the eyewear market and create brilliant!

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National Optical glass lining quality inspection center and Essilor Lu Bali sign strategic cooperation agreement:April 18, 2016, five members of the National Optical Glass Enamel Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Donghua University Laboratories, OGE) Jiang Weizhong, director, deputy director of the Central-Sun, Zhang, deputy director of Paganini, Ye Jiayi, deputy chairmen delegation in Paris, France, and the French Essilor international Group (Essilor) re-signed the 2016 and 2017 annual strategic cooperation framework agreement.
Who attended the signing session Essilor Mr. Mr. Patrick Poncin Group Vice President, Mr. Mr.Antoine Capron and vice president of global quality standards, director and global standard ISO / TC172 / SC7 / WG3 Convenor Mr. Mr. Jean-Pierre Chauveau, global Mr. standards established by competent Mr.Christian Miege, Mr. Mr. Kevin O’Connor standard charge of Asia-Pacific and Ms. Ms.Annette Clayfield-Hoskin, Ms. Zhang Peng of China standards manager, Mr. Bao Lite and the like. First Vice President, Mr. Patrick Poncin welcoming speech, he represents the Essilor Group OGE Chinese delegation to France Essilor held a joint working meeting expressed a warm welcome. Vice President, Mr. Patrick Poncin welcome speech spoke enthusiastically: China is the world’s leading eyewear producer, is the world’s largest eyewear consumer market, over the years, China actively participated in international optics and instruments sub-standard committee held revision of the standard and technical seminars.