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The end of 2014, Oakley will invest in China for the first winter snow sports spectrum Ruizhi lens technology market, won the praise of athletes and sports enthusiasts, have praised it as “resort wear to understand the weapon”; 2015 brand in the Chinese market matures; 2016 spectrum Ruizhi lens technology in the Chinese new release, Release more segments of sports glasses environmental applications, including road, mountain, golf and city and other scenes. Spectrum Ruizhi lens after the world’s leading science and technology laboratory and field testing to ensure application performance and reliability of the technology; optimization based on the molecular level to achieve the optics, the lens itself so seamless, but let the athletes’ put to understand ” Cave instant clarity of vision unprecedented detail. Seeing is believing, improve performance: fine-tuning and optimization of visual contrast, spectral Ruizhi lens technology will visually imperceptible details clearly displayed. Whether in the mountains, roads, water, golf course or on the track, spectrum Ruizhi lens SCIENCE athletes and sports enthusiasts can make faster and more keen to see the details, so as to enhance athletic performance.