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Forum “industry positioning, heritage professional, innovative experience” three aspects to discuss how precise positioning of the contact lens in the optical industry, competitive advantage and improve store segment sales in the electricity business, thereby contributing to the overall health of the optical industry and sustainable development. Each person in charge of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care China region as a guest of the forum were to the participants who shared a “market insight and industry positioning”, “foreign eye care industry Practical success stories”, “2016 Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Company Policies” “Ou Shu fitness & Hengrun oxygen clinical fitting” and other exciting content. The success of the elite forum held between Chiba glasses and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to build a learning exchange to share internet. Xu Jianfeng: Glasses market was mixed crux of what? : May 20 is World measurement date, Zhuhai city quality supervision departments held “glasses and medical measuring instruments” topic Laboratory Open Day. Reporter was informed that the participation of Zhuhai IQI 2015 Guangdong quality supervision department of the city’s set of glasses quality checks, the failure rate of 15.13% was found, the provincial average (4.66%) more than three times. Glasses failure rate of 15.13%, which is “spot checks” rather than “census” of the overall result, really shocking.

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Sun Bao ring Deputy Director on behalf of the two sides signed a year OGE made to the summary of the work, including China glasses revision of the standard, the 2015 Shanghai 27th ISO / TC172 / SC7 plenary session was held successfully, Chinese national standard glasses compilation, research project research, technical training and the exchange of future prospects and a total of six aspects. Deputy Director Sun Bao ring particularly desirable Essilor in China are applying ISO new project proposals to give strong support, but also hope that both sides will strengthen exchanges and training of technical personnel, to encourage the active participation of China Essilor Optical amend standards, Chinese national standards and industry standards The English version of the compiler work. Jiang Weizhong Director of the ISO New Work Item “optics uncut spectacle lens edge x-parts: specification and test method parameters EXPRESS” (NWIP) the progress, both sides NWIP application rules, time node, application requirements, and standard text techniques and other aspects of exchange and discussion. Essilor clear that China will actively support the proposed ISO New Work Item Proposal.

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National Optical glass lining quality inspection center and Essilor Lu Bali sign strategic cooperation agreement´╝ÜApril 18, 2016, five members of the National Optical Glass Enamel Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Donghua University Laboratories, OGE) Jiang Weizhong, director, deputy director of the Central-Sun, Zhang, deputy director of Paganini, Ye Jiayi, deputy chairmen delegation in Paris, France, and the French Essilor international Group (Essilor) re-signed the 2016 and 2017 annual strategic cooperation framework agreement.
Who attended the signing session Essilor Mr. Mr. Patrick Poncin Group Vice President, Mr. Mr.Antoine Capron and vice president of global quality standards, director and global standard ISO / TC172 / SC7 / WG3 Convenor Mr. Mr. Jean-Pierre Chauveau, global Mr. standards established by competent Mr.Christian Miege, Mr. Mr. Kevin O’Connor standard charge of Asia-Pacific and Ms. Ms.Annette Clayfield-Hoskin, Ms. Zhang Peng of China standards manager, Mr. Bao Lite and the like. First Vice President, Mr. Patrick Poncin welcoming speech, he represents the Essilor Group OGE Chinese delegation to France Essilor held a joint working meeting expressed a warm welcome. Vice President, Mr. Patrick Poncin welcome speech spoke enthusiastically: China is the world’s leading eyewear producer, is the world’s largest eyewear consumer market, over the years, China actively participated in international optics and instruments sub-standard committee held revision of the standard and technical seminars.